Customer Support – Technical documentation

  1. Design and manufacture of prototypes according to subsequent productions.
  2. Development of construction drawings with CAD.
  3. Industrialization of products and processes optimization.
  4. Supplies according to specifications, specifications and national technical regulations.
  5. exchange and drawings management electronic format.
  6. materials Certification.
  7. internal production management Documentation.
  8. final testing.

Core Services

  • Global cooperation

    All over the world ,we are willing to cooperate with business, we are willing to work with you hand in hand with the progress, make full use of capital, technology, brand and resources,which you have mastered the market, to achieve win-win development.

  • Strategic Alliance

    And the industry’s international companies achieve strategic alliances, in various forms, the two sides to achieve or multilateral mutually beneficial cooperation and common development.

  • Introduction of advanced technology

    I hope you recommend advanced production technology and techniques to us, you have to realize the economic value of technology resources.

  • OEM (OEM)

    We have the world’s most advanced equipment, excellent quality management system, excellent products, in the hope that we can rely on a strong production capacity, and a range of international business cooperation, to provide you with products business.